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The Number of Web Sites Promoting Anorexia and Bulimia Has Increased 470% Since 2006, According to Optenet Research

Miami – September 23, 2008 – Optenet, a leading global IT security company and a provider of intelligent, integrated content security solutions, today announced the results of a report showing that adult content on the Internet – including pro-anorexia and bulimia, racism, violence and child pornography – has significantly increased since the end of 2006.

The report utilizes Optenet’s unique traffic analysis and classification engine, which combines artificial intelligence with traditional content filtering technology to categorize Web site content. The report tracks Internet content trends since the end of 2006, based on a random sampling of nearly three million Web sites from around the world. Key findings include:

  • Pro-anorexia and bulimia Web sites have increased by 470 percent;
  • Pages associated with violent content increased 125 percent;
  • Web sites promoting racism experienced a 70 percent increase;
  • Pro-drug Web sites increased by 62 percent; and
  • Content related to child pornography increased 18 percent.
  • “Due to the rapidly increasing amount of dangerous and illicit content on the Internet, people need to take serious measures to protect their families and businesses,” said Joel Silberman, vice president North America, Optenet. “It is no coincidence that pro-anorexia and bulimia sites have increased 470 percent and that personal Web pages have similarly increased 455 percent. As the web continues to evolve from commercial to social, it is more vital than ever for parents and managers alike to categorize, monitor and control online activity.”

    The Optenet study showed that although pornography as a total percentage of Internet content has actually decreased slightly since 2006, it still is by far the largest category of content on the Internet, representing 35 percent of all Web sites. Online shopping represents the second biggest category (10.5 percent), followed by travel (7 percent), advertising sites (6 percent) and sports (4.5 percent).

    Originally launched 10 years ago as an Internet service provider dedicated to creating a safer Web experience for minors, Optenet transformed into a Web content security vendor that provides products and technology to service providers and enterprises. The entire report is available by upon request via email at: our web-page.

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